Move Your Dancing Feet DVD

Move Your Dancing Feet DVD

This DVD is perfect for children aged 4 through 10. Frank’s wife, Pilar leads children in movement while Frank plays a variety of instruments from a nearby grass shack! Join in the fun as children learn the Hawaiian hula, Brazilian samba, Jamaican reggae, Trinidadian calypso, Cuban rumba and Puerto Rican salsa.
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    Move Your Dancin' Feet is part of a 3 DVD series of Kids Will Be Kids by Frank Leto that involves children in exciting, multicultural movement activities. Each DVD provides a unique set of activities that are always engaging and fun for children.

    Children happily move their dancing feet to the sound of steel drum rhythms. They gain knowledge of other cultures through an alphabet chant set to African rhythms, a Cajun "Simon Says" and a Native American Chant, and Pilar Leto, a professional dancer, leads children in the Hawaiian Hula, Brazilian Samba, Jamaican Reggae, Trinidadian Calypso, Cuban Rumba, and Puerto Rican Salsa. Frank Leto accompanies Pilar by playing a variety of instruments. The DVD is perfect for children aged 4 though 10, but specifically great for early childhood, K-3.

    Includes the following songs:

    1. Move Your Dancing Feet
    2. Reggae Kids
    3. Simon Says
    4. Alphabet Chant
    5. Touch The Floor
    6. Mosquito
    7. Uncle Pete's Farm
    8. Native American Chant
    9. Echo Song
    10. This Is A Rumba