Parent and Teacher Testimonials

"Dear Mr. Leto, I have a 9 year old daughter who is autistic...I bought her your Time for Music CD. She absolutely loved it from the second I put it on and even did the Color song without being prompted. With the Market song, she had a great time dancing, singing and smiling. Thank God for special people like you. Your music was able to somehow break through her autism boundaries and get through to her. Keep up the good work!" Laura McGinley

"Hi Frank, I went to a workshop you ran in Orlando. I thought it was the best workshop I have attended in years...I wanted you to know that I have included your rhythm concepts into all of my programs...This year I purchased your Steel Band Jamboree and love it just as much. You are the best thing I have found, right up there with chocolate...Thanks for giving me exciting new material."  Bonnie Friedman

"Hello Frank! I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your music with the world...Your music is enjoyed by all the children (and the adults, who wander round humming your music) and the younger ones who find concentration difficult are so engaged by you. I'm thinking of trying it with the band of unruly teenagers I work with in the evening to see if it has the same mesmerizing, calming and uplifting effect on them!  -Kind regards, Karen Barker"