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Local Albuquerque Musician & Songwriter, Frank Leto

Frank is a musician, an award-winning songwriter and educator with over 50 years of experience. Frank has five world-beat albums. His latest album, "It Seems Like Yesterday," was just released in February 2024. Frank’s musical journey has taken him around the globe, from Japan and China to Brazil and Cuba. Frank has produced and directed Carnaval productions featuring his original musical compositions with over 25 local musicians and dancers at the National Hispanic Cultural Center for 19 years. Frank Leto and his bands often collaborate and perform with the Odara Dance Ensemble bringing vibrant cultural performances of music and dance to the city of Albuquerque. Frank offers live music opportunities from solo bookings to a full band with dancers, available for any restaurant, bar or performance space.


Contact Frank Leto for inquiries, pricing and booking availability:

Phone: 505-889-5386  /  Email:

Solo Steel Drum


Frank showcases his talent as a solo artist, specializing in playing the pan or steel drum. Frank presents a repertoire ranging from traditional calypsos to Brazilian bossa novas, jazz ballads and even classical pieces. The steel drum creates a delightful Caribbean atmosphere, ideal for venues like restaurants, lounges, patios, and backyard gatherings. Frank incorporates backing tracks to complement his solo performances for a full-bodied, dynamic sound.

Calypso in F
O Morro
Pachebell's Cannon
Caribbean Nights

Steel Drum Duo


Steel Drum Duo is a two-person steel drum band that delivers an entirely acoustic performance. The harmonious blend of two oil barrels creates captivating music; one drum sets the rhythmic chords, while the other plays melodies and improvisations. This duo showcases a diverse range of musical genres, including calypso, samba, bossa nova, Guajira, classical, and more. Ideal for patio shows, outdoor gatherings, poolside events, and backyard parties, this group can also include a percussionist to enhance the rhythmic experience.

Brut Force

Ivory & Steel Duet

Ivory and Steel is a duo featuring Frank on steel drum, accompanied by a jazz pianist. The two talented musicians create more of a Caribbean jazz atmosphere, performing jazz standards, ballads and Brazilian bossa novas. Ivory and Steel is ideal for restaurants, lounges and cafés, a class act of sophisticated music.



This band, PANdemonium, takes its name from Frank’s musical instrument, the pan or steel drum. The band showcases Frank's original music, featuring a mix of world beat rhythms like calypso, reggae, samba, salsa, jazz, and blues. PANdemonium can perform as a quartet (bass, drums, guitar, and pan), a quintet (with the addition of a keyboard), or as a full octet with percussionists and a horn section (highly recommended). Ideal for concerts, festivals, clubs, and parties, PANdemonium is a lively dance band with a festive atmosphere! PANdemonium frequently collaborates with the Odara Dance Ensemble to craft captivating performances, featuring live music and dancers adorned in stunning costumes.

Party Tonight
His Songs Live On

Blue State of Mind

I Ain't Superstitious
Shake It Baby
Smokestack Lightning

Blue State of Mind is a new blues band committed to showcasing the music of blues legend Howlin’ Wolf. Originally named Chester Arthur Burnett and hailing from Mississippi in 1910, Howlin’ Wolf later relocated to Chicago, leaving an indelible mark on blues history as one of his era's most iconic blues artists. With his distinctive booming voice, he played guitar, harmonica, and sang, exploring various blues styles that influenced future rock and blues musicians. His musical legacy resonated with bands like the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, and Fleetwood Mac (the blues band), and also inspired prominent English guitarists such as Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Peter Green, and Jimi Hendrix.

Frank Leto, a former blues artist who began his musical journey in Detroit, Michigan, founded Blue State of Mind. Starting his career as a musician, Frank later moved to the U.S. Virgin Islands to teach music. Immersed in calypso, reggae, Latin, and Brazilian music during his time there, Frank evolved into a skilled percussionist and world music composer, releasing several albums featuring his unique musical fusion. Blue State of Mind represents a significant return to Frank's musical roots.


Pataki (pronounced pah tah key) Pataki is a new, experimental percussion ensemble, that sh

Introducing Rumbata, a brand new captivating percussion ensemble that celebrates the lively rhythms of Cuba. This dynamic group offers skilled drumming, showmanship and occasional audience involvement, creating an engaging experience for all. Led by Frank Leto, the group’s music arranger and vocalist, Rumbata features Albuquerque’s top percussionists – Ricky Carrido, David Flores, Tomas White and Camilo Quinones – forming a dynamic and exciting ensemble.

By blending traditional bata rhythms with popular Cuban musical styles like guaguanco, yambu, columbia, comparsa, guajira, mazacote, and more, the ensemble showcases various Cuban percussion instruments such as bata, conga, cajon, shekere, bongo, and timbales. Their performances feature beautiful Yoruban songs, layered over these intricate rhythms, guaranteed to engage audiences of all ages. This would be the perfect choice as an opening act for any concert.

Odara Dance Ensemble


The Odara Dance Ensemble is an Afro-Cuban and Brazilian Dance Company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, created and founded by Pilar Leto. The Odara Dance Ensemble often collaborates with PANdemonium to deliver a vibrant performance filled with lively music, choreographed dances, and colorful costumes all centered around a festive Carnaval theme!

Frank Leto Music

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