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"It Seems Like Yesterday" is a tapestry of original songs with elements of world music and reggae woven together. This album is dedicated to my wife, Pilar Leto. Many of the songs were inspired by her; she was my muse. This was her favorite album that I created and she especially loved that our daughter, Maria Leto, sang backup vocals on a lot of the tracks.


Music has the power to heal, to comfort, and to celebrate life. Through this album, I am able to share a piece of our life together so her bright light continues to shine, and her legacy lives on.


All songs written by Frank Leto. Produced by Frank Leto. Arrangements by Frank Leto and Cesar Bauvallet.


1. It Seems like Yesterday ft. Mike Love

2. His Songs Live On

3. She's Free

4. Don't Cry

5. A Long Way To Go

6. I've Got An Angel

7. Say Something

8. Treat Me Right

9. Corss Your Heart

10. The Best is Yet to Come

It Seems Like Yesterday



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