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Set of 4 board books. Interactive book series for young children, inspired by Frank Leto's educational music and illustrated by his 5-year-old granddaughter! The books included are:


  • LADYBUG LADYBUG: Join the fun as our ladybug friend crawls to different parts of our body in this cute and educational book, teaching body parts. To make this book more interactive, follow along and use your hand as your ladybug! Find and count the ten hidden ladybugs at the end of the book.
  • YOU CAN TELL HOW I FEEL: Get your acting skills ready as we discover all of the different types of feelings with this interactive children's book! Make different types of faces to show your emotions and play a fun guessing game to guess how another person is feeling.
  • LET'S GO TO MARKET: Let's go shopping and discover all of our favorite types of fruit! Name all of the different types of fruit along the way and pick which fruit you want to eat! Yum!
  • COLORS: Search for different colors in this book and you will find dinosaurs, a mermaid and even tiny hidden ladybugs with this fun "I Spy" book for toddlers! In this book, you will point to all of the fun things that you see that are a specific color.


Board book size: 6x6

Children's Board Book Series (set of 4)



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