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Let’s Learn Through Music is a collection of songs created for children aged 2-6. These songs are intended to help young children develop language skills and enhance their ability to focus, listen and respond accordingly.Children love music. Presentations with music provide fun, educational experiences that children will look forward to each day. Remember, young children do not need to be introduced to a new song every day. In fact, they prefer to repeat the songs they like over and over again. This repetition is one of the ways children learn. So take your time, let the children enjoy their process, and slowly increase the repertoire of songs over time. To obtain the maximum benefits of each song, the teacher, parent or caregiver participate and demonstrate the associated movements and hand motions. Children will observe your actions and will follow you, so it is important to do your homework before introducing a song to your children. Know the song and teach by example. If you have fun leading the children in these songs, they will too, and it will be a positive and productive experience for all. Enjoy!


Educational Music for Children Aged 2-6

Let's Learn Through Music

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  • 1. What Makes A Face?

    2. Counting One To Ten

    3. Cat's Meow

    4. Top To Bottom

    5. Clapping Song

    6. Open And Close

    7. Wave Hello

    8. Let's Wash Our Hands

    9. Up And Down

    10. Heart On Your Sleeve

    11. Papa's Lullaby

    12. What's The Weather Outside?

    13. Land, Air or Sea?

    14. Let's Learn To Sign

    15. March For Peace


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