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Rhythm Band Jam is a music program utilizing the rhythm band instruments, helping teachers introduce these instruments to their students. It starts simple and progressively gets more challenging. You will need tambourines, rhythm sticks, maracas, triangles, hand drums and cymbals. The children easily learn to play the instruments with each song. Also great for children’s parties!


This music program is appropriate for children ages 4-8.

Rhythm Band Jam

  • 1. Introduction to the Instruments
    2. Listen and Tell Me What You Hear
    3. I Am a Fine Musician
    4. Come On Everybody
    5. The Sound for the Instruments
    6. One Bar Echoes
    7. Two Bar Echoes
    8. Everybody LIsten
    9. Mister Boom BoomBong
    10. Waltz for Rhythm Band
    11. 4/4 Piece for Rhythm Band
    12. Sambalele
    13. Parade of Instruments


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